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There isn't a communication Medium Plug has not been involved with. It is through this breadth and depth of knowledge that Plug Creative has the capacity to design, consult and advise as to the most strategic way to meet your communication needs. Below you will find a number of Case Studies that will show you the level to which you could reach your intended audience. In the navigation bar on the left you will find a number of examples of work that Plug has switched the Creative to on.


Over the last 18 years Adrian Miskelly has been involved in almost all forms of media communication design.
From Corporate Communications and Publication Design Adrian has moved and adapted with the changing face of Media and Integrated Communication Design and has done it from all corners of the globe. From Typographical Brand Design and Corporate Identity, Internet and Website Information Architecture design, Interactive Media and Graphical User Interface Design, Video Production and Corporate Video Design, 3D animation and Special Effects for Broadcast and Multimedia purposes, Event Design and Corporate Hospitality Production and Design.

case studies

Gartner Winners Circle
Various locations, Annually.
Client: Gartner


Gartner Winners Circle is the premiere event that Plug Creative is involved with. It happens annually in various locations around the world. Plug Creative was initially tasked with helping Gartner to increase the internal brand awareness and improve the overall creative experience that each winner and partner (around 1200 pax) were to enjoy over the 5 days period. The production level is second to none on this event and each person attending is treated as a VVIP. From Grand Bahama to Rome, From Barcelona to Maui each location is chosen specifically to cater for this well deserved group. Five major events over five days with speakers as diverse as Kevin McCloud to Laird Hamilton. Plug Creative is responsible for Video production design and delivery, Art Direction and stylisation, brand management and design, website development and delivery and consultancy on creative direction.
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Laureus Sports Awards Welcome Reception
Barcelona, Spain.
Agency: DesignStage, Adrian Smith (>see website)


A Welcome reception for High profile dignitaries, sporting heroes and celebrities that attend the Award Ceremony the following evening. Plug was commissioned to help DesignStage - a highly regarded Creative Director (Adrian Smith) - design, visualise and develop the show. Plug was also involved in the development of the video production and as VJ on the night.
The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation is a highly regarded and high profile organisation that holds an annual Award Ceremony that is attended by many high profile dignitaries and celebrities both in the Sporting World and on the international stage. The design of the event required an elegant and stylish interpretation of a window onto Barcelona. Naturally all the cultural aspects of Barcelona as a location were taken into account. The reception included a custom made Gaudi bar as well as a beating heart of Barcelona suspended above the dance floor. The visuals on screen encompassed Panoramas and a 'day in the life of' Barcelona.
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Cisco Networkers
Cannes, Southern France.
Agency: The George P. Johnson Company


An award winning (>see ITMA Awards 06) week long event for 4000+ delegates. The average age range: 23 - 45. 90% male.
Cisco's premiere European event for their clients and customers. Industry specialists, technical engineers and CIO's.
Plug involvement: Creative Direction of Plenary, Brand Management for entire event, conceptual development and delivery of Customer Appreciation Event (Gala Evening), Motion Graphics, strategic design initiatives.
This event is a particularly interesting design challenge in that the audience is predominantly male and highly sophisticated. For a week long period all aspects of their involvement were to be molded around a truly immersive brand experience as well as ensuring their educational requirements were at the top of the list. The plenary had to act on two levels: one, a highly sophisticated stage design that would cater for technological demo's and two, interchangeable as an Award ceremony. The CAE (gala evening) had to carry the primary message of the entire event through to an enjoyable evenings entertainment. The concept surrounding the CAE was "Everyone & Everything Connected" a concept developed around the idea that all aspects of our lives are interconnected and that all man made structures and networks are governed by natural principles.
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IBM Sanworld
Cannes, Southern France
Agency: Project Worldwide


A week long conference for IBM technologists and CIO's. A one off conference acting as a platform for IBM to explain the future to its customers about how Large Storage Area Networks will need to be configured and developed to take the ever increasing strain of huge amounts of data.
Plug Involvement: Conceptual design and development of Watchout production. A multiscreen technology enabling a 18 meter by 3 meter projection area illustrating the massive issue that was about to occur in the industry. At the time Watchout as a display technology was very much in its infancy and this was to be one of the first times full motion video was to be used in this way. The show was very successful and the result was spectacular.
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Precision Marketing Awards
Dorchester, London

Client: Centaur Publishing


This Award Ceremony called for a multi-functional stage design that could be reconfigured over night for a second and different Award Ceremony the following evening, due to budgetry constraints and the nature of Award Ceremonies being held until quite late in the evening, we decided that this would call for a simple, yet elegant design that acted as a canvas for the lights and that the lights would make up the look and atmosphere of the event. This would enable the technicians to get some sleep and would give the following evenings Award Ceremony a completely different look and feel.
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