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event design

Strategic design and development for large scale events and conferences for Fortune 100 and Blue Chip companies including Gartner, Cisco, Siebel, IBM and Infosys. Plug Creative has been involved with well over 400 events to date.


award show design

This is an area in which Plug Creative shines! Award shows are fast dynamic, glitzy and exciting events to be a part of. They require a specific style and mindset and Plug has been involved with many. 30+ Award shows to date including, The Lawyer Awards, Money Marketing Awards, Inmarsat WRC Rally Photo Awards, Precision Marketing Awards, Gartner Winners Circle Top Achiever Awards and Marketing Week Effectiveness Awards.


theme design

Theme development is an art form in its own right, there have been too many 007 parties, too many film festival parties, too many Science Fiction parties. Your delegates or intended audience - no doubt - have been to at least one of these, isn't it time that they went to a truly unique and entertaining well themed party with a message? Themes developed include: Everyone & Everything Connected, The World Of Rhythm, Lights, Camera, Alien!, The Arena Spectacular!, The Groove Bowl, Chimera, Cause an Effect and The Dream Network.


corporate ID and brand design
Plug Creative started in Corporate Identity design and print production 22 years ago. From Brand design and Corporate Identity design through to Experiential Brand immersion, your Brand and Identity is one of the most prized assets of your business and should be handled as such, experience and attention to detail should come as standard to what you expect from anyone handling your identity. Plug Creative has been handling some of the largest brands in the world for a very long time.


motion graphics
Specialising in Motion Graphics and Animation using the most cutting edge applications to develop stylised content, title design, corporate messaging, conference openers and stings. Plug Creative specialises in multi-display large scale presentations and openers and was one of the first designers to use full screen full motion video content on Watchout back in 1999- at the time this was a breakthrough and had not been done before.


3d animation
Alongside Motion Graphics, 3D animation adds a visual distinction to the stylised content Plug creates. From set visualisation to virtual fly-throughs. 17 Years of experience in some of the world's most advanced 3D animation packages Plug Creative can bring almost anything to life on a screen using traditional 2D as well as 3D stereoscopic techniques.


For a unique on-screen live performance Plug Creative uses a leading VJ package that mixes video material live. Put simply a VJ is able to mix video live with real time effects and synchronises the footage to audio. This is a great way to heighten the dancefloor experience through visuals, the difference here though is that unlike other VJs Plug Creative tailor makes the experience to the client's needs. Most VJs use just music videos. Plug Creative is able to mix in footage captured on your event, photos, messages, logos and animated loops and does it all on the fly!


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